During my work with Wandzia, she supported me in uncovering deep, hidden parts of myself that I had disowned and suppressed. Then with wisdom, kindness, patience and love, she guided me as I integrated those parts within myself. I transformed from a busy doer often feeling overwhelmed and scattered into a focused person living a balanced life. I take time for self-care while making a difference with teenagers and fulfilling my purpose.

Y. Bryant
Mentoring Program Coordinator, Linden, NJ

Wandzia began assisting individuals and organizations over 30 years ago with improving their effectiveness and performance. Her ability to assess situations, issues, and behavioral dynamics coupled with her knowledge of human and organizational development, made her an excellent coach and “organizational translator” during her public sector career. Her leadership abilities and love of teaching led her to inspire and mentor many in her organizations. With her extensive background in working with government, education and non-profit agencies, she has built an appreciation and professional competence for dealing with complex careers and life-work issues. She actively consults with DunkinWorks in addition to her Integrative Coaching.

As a coach, Wandzia is passionate about working with individuals and groups through the process of transformation, recognizing the courage it takes to embrace change.  She acknowledges that there are times when change is needed to address obstacles or barriers so a new direction can be forged. Treating all her clients with compassion, dignity and respect, she has proven experience in guiding individuals through change, loss and personal transitions using self-discovery and development.  Often her clients experience a newfound excitement and joy during their work, and create a new path or renew a direction to personal success and performance.

In addition to a B.A. degree from the University of San Francisco, Wandzia is a Licensed Integrative Coach Professional certified by The Ford Institute for Transformational Training.  She is also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Coach Success Network (CSN).

Her clients have the choice of working in a structured or flexible approach based upon their issues or directions. The structured model uses weekly coaching sessions over the phone with Wandzia’s support, guiding her clients through a 4-month process to attain their goals and desires.  Her processes include:

Best Year of Your Life - create a vision for your life that will inspire, excite and propel you to become the person you always wanted to be.  In this proven process, you’ll identify what’s most important to you and design a plan – including daily actions and weekly breakthroughs – that will ensure that you realize the highest vision for your life.

Blueprint Shadow – strip away your limitations, outdated beliefs, fears and heartache to uncover your greatness.  Wandzia will guide you through the shadows that stand between you and your most authentic, successful self.  This very rare and potent coaching model uncovers the blueprint of your life, reveals your soul’s greatest contribution, and supports you in being courageous, bold and unstoppable.

Spiritual Divorce Coaching – Wandzia leads you through a proven process that is guaranteed to support you in releasing the pain, disappointment and guilt of the past.  This intimate process leads you out of fear into a new vision – a future that you will love.

Many clients have experienced great joys and a renewed sense of direction when working with Wandzia. They are able to rediscover a true sense of self and eagerness in changing their lives while enhancing their personal and professional performance.

The process was both interesting and surprising! Wandzia was able to create an environment where I was seeing things in myself more clearly. She guides you back to yourself by helping you look within. She successfully combines faith, truth and compassion into a vehicle for someone to discover their purpose.


J.W.D, San Leandro, CA

I liked that my commitment was supported by weekly sessions that provided feedback and often, new tools to use during the next week. I felt safe to explore the areas of my life not easily shared with others or myself. The coaching experience has helped propel me forward to see new possibilities and push through limits that I had set for myself.

Monterey County Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Salinas, CA

When I first started working with Wandzia, I was feeling utterly hopeless and full of despair believing that love had eluded me this lifetime. I don't feel that way anymore. In fact, I am full of hope and in a loving and mature relationship for the first time in my life! Wandzia is an absolutely extraordinary coach! I give her my highest and utmost recommendation without any reservation!

Counselor, Oakland, CA